Jean Peduzzi-Nelson, Ph. D.
The main focus of the lab is to develop treatments in experimental animal models and help advance these therapies to clinical trials. The most promising treatments include adult stem cells or tissue, matrix materials as a substrate for growth, delivery of growth factors using gene therapy, methods of increasing cellular metabolism, and scar disruptors. By using one's own cells, the problems of uncontrolled growth, rejection, disease transmission, and ethical issues are avoided. Most of the lab's current effort is directed at chronic, severe spinal cord injury.
This lab is probably one of the few labs in the world that specializes in large scale investigation of combination treatments of spinal cord injury that is chronic, severe and contusive. However, the treatments under development should be equally useful in treating head injury, retinal degeneration and other disease and injury states. Techniques used in the lab include behavioral testing, immunohistochemistry, and intrathecal delivery to rats and mice.




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