SCI Research Advancement Project Supporters
Guido Munch Ph.D. Awarded Nobel Prize
Director Emeritus, Astrophysics, Max Planck Institute

Charles D. Yingling Ph.D., D ABNM
Clinical Professor, Stanford School of Medicine
Yingling Neurophysiology Associates

Jean Peduzi-Nelson Ph.D ., Associate Professor
Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology
Wayne State University School of Medicine

Michel Levesque M.D., FACS
Institute for Neural Repair.

Marcus York
Supporter and Southern California Representative for SCI

William D. Whetstone M.D., Associate Clinical Professor
Division of Emergency Medicine
University of California at San Francisco

 Tony Howe M.D.

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Price Family Ambler Family Tom Bordonaro Leroy Howland
Michelle Pflum Ben Bettencourt Mike Jim Kelly
Mike K. Joanne C. Patereau Family G. Garfink
Megan & Barbara L. Carl Richards RDF Georgia G.
Debbie K. David H. Dr J.J. Giambrone Dmitriy
Lloyd & Jordan Michael K. Emily L. Kuen T.
J. Edwards Valerie C. Brenda B. ILya P.
Vincent S. Maceyka  Jerome Dennis
Amber Tanya Carl R.Colbert
Michael B. Alessandro Patricia & Nick Auyong Pamela & Devyn
Susan Fajt Nathalie & Julien

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